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The Arrogance Arrives at Brash Brewing

Each ‘adoptive’ brewery of Arrogant Bastard Ale is entrusted
to ‘foster’ the sacred recipe to brew a single, limited batch of
the Liquid Arrogance to be served on draft in their taproom for
on-site imbibing only, with proceeds going to charity.

Participating Breweries

Brash Brewing

Houston, Texas
Brew Date: March 14, 2016
On tap at Brash Brewing: April 9, 2016
Brew size: 30bbl
Benefitting The Center Houston

We can't help but think back to a simpler time in craft beer, early 1990's San Diego, and a young, clean cut, beardless, Greg Koch, was sipping this beer for the very first time. The Bastard is a true original and we love that.....well....brash philosophy that has embodied this beer from day one. We are stoked that we were given the chance to Adopt the Bastard and feel we have carried on the spirit and independence of early craft beer.

- Ben Fullelove, Owner & Brewmaster

Brash Brewing: I adopted a bastard... it knocked me right out of my damn flip flops




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