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The Arrogance Arrives at Daredevil Brewing Co.

Each ‘adoptive’ brewery of Arrogant Bastard Ale is entrusted
to ‘foster’ the sacred recipe to brew a single, limited batch of
the Liquid Arrogance to be served on draft in their taproom for
on-site imbibing only, with proceeds going to charity.

Participating Breweries

Daredevil Brewing Co.

Speedway, Indiana
Brew Date: May 24, 2016
On tap at Daredevil Brewing Co.: June 24, 2016
Brew Size: 8bbls
Benefitting Speedway Trails

I remember reading all the tiny print on that first iconic Arrogant Bastard bomber before I opened it. Challenge Accepted. The aroma of the aggressive hops and malts that leapt from that bottle were different than any beer I had ever enjoyed before. From the first sip to the last I was intrigued by that masterful work of art in liquid form. Through it’s beer and active leadership promoting all Craft Beer Stone has set a standard of excellence that is formidable. We should all strive to be as worthy.

Everyone on Team Daredevil is honored and excited to adopt “the” Arrogant Bastard for a brew day.

- Michael Pearson, Brewer/Owner

"You're not worthy". Three words every honest craft beer drinker has mused and something I have done many times.  The ruby red glare gleaming from my glass underneath the fluffy white head demands I answer the question.  Which I gratefully do with the vicious cycle of drink and repeat until my pint is empty. Does this make me worthy?

I have always admired Stone for their aggressive and bold approach to brewing and am honored to have the privilege to be an entrusted guardian of the recipe. Brewing our adopted Arrogant Bastard Ale is something I will never forget.

- Bill Ballinger, Brewer/Owner

I remember my first Arrogant Bastard because I was traveling for work and the beer selection was not great at the store that I stopped in. While I pondered my options I walked over to the singles section and suddenly there was this Arrogant Bastard Ale staring me down. Was I worthy? Well I was going to find out! That might have been years ago but I still remember what a wonderful beer that was and that I wished I had bought two that night.

What happens when Aggressively Fun meets Liquid Arrogance? Are we worthy? We accept the honor and the challenge and look forward to drinking the end result!  

- Shane Pearson, Owner

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