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Report Expired Beer

Drink fresh, numbskull.

Being entrusted with the glory of Liquid Arrogance is not for the timid nor feeble palate. Neither is the honor to preserve its definitive fresh state or the patience to respectfully age it. Check the date code or cellaring instructions on the drinking vessel or box before surrendering yourself to the challenge of Liquid Arrogance. If it’s expired, prove you’re worthy and report it here.


While freshness is crucial for some of my beers, you may find that others develop nicely over time. 

  • Cheers to me and drink one first. Then, hoard the rest in your personal, sacred collection to revisit later.
  • Store upright in a cool, dark, worthy place—cavernous dwellings like your basement and wine fridge are deemed acceptable locations for me to reside. Avoid the oxidation culprits of light & heat.
  • Be reasonable: Aging doesn’t tame my arrogance. It only allows certain flavors and elements to meld together so other flavors can intensify their presence.
  • 8% ABV or higher (big beers like my own age best)

Join me in the fight against expired beer.

Report Expired Beer

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