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The Arrogance Arrives at Ardent Craft Ales

Each ‘adoptive’ brewery of Arrogant Bastard Ale is entrusted
to ‘foster’ the sacred recipe to brew a single, limited batch of
the Liquid Arrogance to be served on draft in their taproom for
on-site imbibing only, with proceeds going to charity.

Participating Breweries

Ardent Craft Ales

Richmond, Virginia
Brew Date: April 21, 2016
On tap at Ardent Craft Ales: May 14, 2016
Brew Size: 15bbls
Benefitting The Possibility Project

“The crew here at Ardent couldn’t be happier to welcome Stone to Richmond, Va. Arrogant Bastard was one of the first craft beers many of us ever tasted and we are all excited for the opportunity to make a version of this groundbreaking beer.

- Tom Sullivan, Operations Director & Co-founder

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