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Release of 2004 Double Bastard ale is nigh

Stone Brewing Co. will be issuing their Special Release, Double Bastard Ale, on Monday, November 1st. This complex and intriguing beer will be offered in both 22oz bottles and 3Litre bottles. Although all the beers they make are special, Double Bastard Ale has a certain mystique about it…and for good reason.

Double Bastard Ale only comes out once a year, thus requiring beer enthusiasts and retailers alike to prepare and plan for the occasion. And plan they do. "People tend to hoard the Double Bastard Ale since they know it's only released once a year," said Stone Brewing CEO Greg Koch. "We also ask retailers to limit sales to just a few bottles per person."

That creates a dilemma for those who tend to be rather inventive and creative in their ways to acquire more of this special brew. Rumors are that in years past overzealous fans followed Stone delivery trucks from stop to stop, attempted to bribe drivers, and even made amorous advances to try to obtain more of this rare beer. “Luckily our drivers are highly trained professionals and will not be swayed by offers of cash or flirtatious actions" said Koch.

Arrogant Bastard Ale has often been accurately described as an "angry" beer with its 7.2% alc.vol. and massive flavor profile. At 10% alc.vol. Double Bastard Ale is a bit "more angry" to say the least. "Those looking for other more descriptive adjectives are welcome to pay a visit to their local library" said Koch. "Besides, most people aren't all that smart and a visit to the library would probably do them some good. Hell, we don't want to have to do ALL the work ALL the time... sometimes people just need to figure things out for themselves."

Though directions to your local library cannot be found on, a list of regions and retailers to find 2004 Double Bastard Ale can.



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