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Arrogant Consortia / Baladin "In Bocca Al Lupo"

Arrogant Consortia / Baladin "In Bocca Al Lupo"

A Mother of an Ale Brewed With Gentian Root

Double Super Arrogant
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Birra Baladin
Arrogant Consortia

Radici. Due icone si incontrano a Berlino per augurare in bocca al lupo alla craft beer revolution. Collaborateurs Teo Musso and Greg Koch share many things in common. Chief among them they began their rise to prominence in the late 1990’s with big, bold beers, and these gents are, shall we say, full of braggadocio, swagger and unrepentant joie de vivre. Also in common was the way in which, with aggressive intention, they each so cavalierly sabotaged norms that had been so irresponsibly led by the lowest common denominator purveyors of industrial beer.  Thus, it’s only natural that having first met in Piozzo, Italy in 2000, the pair found themselves to be international comrades and lifelong friends in the craft beer revolution.

This beer needs to be sufficiently scaled to the personalities brewing it. Therefore, it is unquestionably full of braggadocio, swagger and unrepentant joie de vivre.

High in the Italian Alps, whence the gentian root [radice di genziana] was sourced, lie the lairs of Italian wolves (natch). Lupo and luppulo is Italian for wolf and hops, respectively. This is all the excuse that we needed.

Mit Stolz Gebraut in Berlin

March 14, 2017
Release Date
July 27, 2017
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh or age at cellar temperature
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