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Bastard's Midnight Brunch

Bastard's Midnight Brunch

Depth-Charged Double Bastard Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels & Maple Syrup Barrels


Evenings trying to forget the crushing mediocrity of one’s life are typically the main driver to late-night breakfast plates at unforgivingly overlit diners stacked with industrialized, frozen-dumped-in-a-fryer “food.” An interlude between sophomoric late-night antics, questionable decisions and inevitable morning regret. That’s not how I play it. For those who know how to grab life by the horns*, however, this bottle pairs even better with accomplishment, life lived out loud, and well-timed moves that often appear as luck to those not paying attention. A specifically designed midnight brunch feast with like-minded folks who not only have their wits about them but actually have wits, and an artfully prepared feast sets the more appropriate stage for this beer. The bottle is worth a special occasion. Create yours to accompany it.

*Touch mine, though, and I'll provide you with the deepest possible understanding of the word "regret."

An Unrestrained, Coffee-Fueled Feast

Release Date
April 25, 2016
Package Types
500ml Bottles
Very Limited
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Cellar Notes

Drawn Off Unfiltered. Aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels & Northeast Ohio Maple Syrup Barrels